jeudi 18 octobre 2012

But... Why ?

Sooo... New blog eh ?

What's up with that ?
Is a blog still relevant now ? I mean... with The Facebook, Da Twitters and all those things, blogs are pretty much like newspapers now, nobody reads them and they just take up space in your living room/attic/toilets. Am i right, hip people ?

So why ?

What the hell am i trying to do here ? Be oldschool ?

Well, in a way. You see, i'm a writer.
But not any kind of writer : i write pieces that get published in magazines. Those papery things, yes.

And i write books.
I mean, i'm trying.

Well i wrote one that is schedueled to go on sale sometime in the next 6 months (according to my contract).

And i have a few other projects.

The blog is gonna be about that. About writing books, about working with the publisher, about signing contracts.

Because one day i woke up and said : well then, i'll go write my own books. With blackjack. And hookers.

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