jeudi 15 novembre 2012

On taking the time to write

So this past week i did not write as much as i usually do.
Why, i hear you ask.

Well usually my writing times go as follow : i do a minimum of one hour every evening / night : one "theoretical" chapter - second draft can make multiple chapters fold into one - that can go from 1000 to 5000 characters depending on where it is in the story and how much time i feel i have. Sometimes i sit down for a thousand characters because i feel i need to rest and it's already one in the morning, and i end up writing for a few hours. Sometimes i just write a few lines, just because i force myself to.

Usually i don't write on Friday night.
Not because i'm a social butterfly and go to clubs, pubs and whatnot. Just because i get home at 9 and have to get up at 7 the following morning, so i don't go around writing until the sun goes up.
Plus i don't have any social life. I'm a writer guys. Come on, be serious.

So last week to make a few bucks i ended up doing some technical translation for the patent office. And that ended up being my "writing time" for a few days. Plus i had a kind of sleepover at a friends house (allowed me to go driving around in a Crown V Police Interceptor, so that was fun, but also "research", kind of). And so i did not write anything for those two days.
And so yesterday i had to kick my ass back in gear to go back to my book. And i kind of wondered if the flame was gone. But it wasn't, so yay for me.

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