mardi 11 décembre 2012

Still going strong.

Today i hit a mark : after the end of the 66th chapter (that number, as stated before, could be cut shorter in the final draft), i'm on the verge of starting the 6th and final part of the book. So far it's 200 pages of action and investigations.

After i finish it it's gonna be sent to a few friends for review and edits, then in January i'll start to shop it around and hopefully get it published.

As i said before, this book has been in the works for about two months now, and i wrote 1500 to 5000 characters every day for those two months. Now that it's nearing completion, i'm not sure what i'll do next. Maybe i'll just work on my "day job" (magazine articles) for a while, then get my second non-fiction book really going. And maybe i'll work on my second fiction project - which is way heavier than this one - while i'm at it.

So stay tuned ?

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