mercredi 5 décembre 2012

Work is going well

So i've been on this book for about two whole months now, a piece at a time. And now it's almost finished, with a few chapters still to go. I've got two main parts to cover - one to finish, has been laid as a flow chart on a piece of paper, and one to round it all up and provide the missing answers, and and opening into a second book if this one sells.

I'm pretty amazed at the fact that i worked at this so long, piece by piece. Usually i suck at following up and cave after one or two weeks, and translations and non-fiction i write on a sugar high in one day or a few when it's a book or a whole magazine. Here i took the time, let the ideas bloom day after day, and did not stress myself or put any pressure on my creative flow. And amazingly it worked.

I'm pretty shocked at my own awesomeness.

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